Southern Utah University's Division of Student Affairs is seeking to hire a Coordinator of Health and Wellness. The Coordinator is responsible for evaluating and continually improving: health promotion programs, outreach, presentations/campus wide training, and workshops that focus on health promotion. Areas include: Mental health; physical health, healthy relationships, sexual health; sexual violence intervention and prevention, activities and campaigns related to use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs (ATOD), exercise/nutrition, and general holistic wellness promotion.

Hiring decisions will be made based on the candidate's proven abilities in the following criteria, giving priority to the criteria in the order stated below:

  1. Fit within a student-centered organization that proactively treats each student in a holistic manner.
  2. The ability to connect with students in a positive and meaningful way.
  3. Relevant experience demonstrating an ability to support and actively contribute to divisional priorities of persistence, retention, student success, and completion.
  4. A history of maintaining courteous, positive, and professional relationships with co-workers, customers, supervisors, and outside constitutes.
  5. Ability to willingness to adapt to changes in the workplace, requirements, schedules, priorities, and goals.
  6. Proven, demonstrable, and verifiable skills directly related to the requirements and qualifications for this job and the overall priorities of Student Affairs.
  7. Degrees earned.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Implement and evaluate health promotion activities addressing a variety of issues including but not limited to Healthy Minds (mental health), Healthy Bodies (physical health), and Healthy Relationships (violence prevention, sexual health).
  2. Administer state mandated trainings to all student leaders, clubs, and organizations.
  3. Coordinate closely with multiple campus entities regarding mental health, relationship violence intervention and prevention, and physical/nutritional health programming.
  4. Conduct administrative tasks including budgeting, invoicing, data collection, and reporting.
  5. Develop and deliver programming regarding alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse Prevention.
  6. Hire, train, and manage an assistant position and part time student workers.
  7. Manage and provide professional development opportunities to student interns and practicum students.
  8. Collaboration on the CAPS Mental Health Support Peer Program, and offering administrative support and supervision of student peers.
  9. Assist with grant searches, proposals, and administration of awards.
  10. Assist student leaders, campus groups, and clubs with awareness.
  11. Design, implement, and distribute effective marketing campaigns.
  12. Oversee the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program taskforce and conduct biennial reviews to ensure current trends and issues are being addressed by this program.
  13. Coordinate the QPR suicide prevention training efforts and give QPR trainings.
  14. Serve on SAIT, Campus Safety, CAST, QPR, and other relevant Committees.
  15. Coordinate assessment and evaluation efforts within the Health and Wellness Center.
  16. Assist in general health and wellness issues as they pertain to campus.
  17. Implementation and administration of ACHA NCHA Survey and JED Campus.
  18. Other duties as assigned.



Required Qualifications/Expectations

  • Education
    • At minimum, a Bachelor's degree in psychology, social science, public health, health promotion, or a closely related field.
  • Experience
    • A minimum of two years of experience working with students in a higher education environment in a professional or student leadership setting.
    • Experience planning, designing, and implementing health promotion and education programs and activities.
    • Experience supervising the work of others.
    • Genuine desire to work in student-intensive programs, help students develop and actively assist them in the accomplishment of their goals.
    • Continue to establish and implement Unit Effectiveness Plan (UEP) objectives to meet the needs of the division.
  • Training/Skills
    • Ability to research, develop, and evaluate interventions which address the SUU community health needs.
    • Provide fiscal leadership and management, which include, but are not limited to; management of student staff, budget development and management, and the implementation and monitoring of operating and fund balances.
    • Ability to communicate effectively, verbally and in writing, with a variety of audiences.
    • Demonstrated organizational leadership and public relations skills.
    • Capable of establishing and maintaining effective, cooperative working relationships with various campus and community constituents.
    • Presentation or teaching experience.
    • Organized and detail-oriented.
  • Soft Skills
    • An appreciation for the unique culture of Southern Utah University.
    • A commitment to all students and their total development, both in curricular and co-curricular experiences.
    • An understanding and deep commitment to social justice, demonstrated cultural competence with strong belief in the value of diversity in enriching the learning experience and the quality of life on campus, and the ability to develop an environment that is broadly inclusive of the entire Southern Utah University community.
    • Demonstrated ability to interact with and relate to a diverse student population.

Preferred Qualifications/Expectations

  • Experience
    • Experience with the ACHA-NCHA survey.
    • Familiarity with JED Campus.
    • Previous experience assessing and evaluating student learning outcomes and student programs.
    • Certification in QPR Suicide Prevention training, and certification to train others.
    • Experience working with student organizations, student affairs programs, strategic planning, data assessment, and evaluation.
    • Previous experience working with student leadership programs in higher education.
    • Knowledge of student development theory and its application in student leadership.
    • Experience procuring and/or administering funding including grant funding.
    • Certification or training in LADC, Victim Advocacy, Sexual Consent, Bystander Intervention, or other areas relevant to Health and Wellness Center initiatives.
  • Training/Skills
    • Skilled in the collection of data and ability to analyze and make informed decisions.
    • Excellent interpersonal, conflict resolution, and communication skills.
    • Provide and assist in the leadership and oversight of Human Resource functions, including student recruitment and appointment, training, evaluation, and professional development, as well as skills assessment, risk management, conflict resolution, and crisis communication.
    • Capable of organizing a wide range of diverse tasks efficiently and effectively.
  • Soft Skills
    • High emotional intelligence, excellent interpersonal skills, and the ability to build strong and authentic relationships.
    • Profound interest in student development with a broad knowledge of best practices and a commitment to encourage and support professional development experiences.
    • Credible, motivating, supportive, and approachable with respect for the work and contributions of others, ability to form a cohesive team, and adept at advocating for students, their programs, and their needs.
    • A communicative, collaborative, transparent work style and the ability to engage a wide array of stakeholders in dialogue and partnerships regarding key functions, programs, and services of the Health and Wellness Center.

How to Apply


To apply:

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