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Being a Leader is Healthy!

An increasing number of employers and corporations focus on employee health and wellness to get their employees and plan members to engage in healthy behavior as a way to reduce healthcare and health insurance costs. In turn, an increasing amount of employers are looking for human resources and benefits professionals with experience in employee health and wellness programs. This need will increase as more employers expand their wellness programs. Every corporate culture is different; therefore, wellness programs must be uniquely created for each specific corporate culture.

Within weeks of certification and implementation of the new programs learned, companies and HR Directors report that there is very noticeable uptick in employee’s happiness levels. They tell us that teams are getting healthier, together – and absences are dropping week by week to negligible levels. All of this impacts the bottom line with lower healthcare and insurance costs.


Corporate Health & Wellness Association Certifications:


Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® Program 

The Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® program was created for professionals focusing on practical training and knowledge to effectively manage a wellness program from beginning to end, using state of the art training, an examination, CE credits and more!


Certified Wellness Provider® 

The Certified Wellness Provider® is a certification of expertise in administering wellness programs to employers launched by the Corporate Health & Wellness Association (CHWA), an employer coalition. The objective of this certification program is to allow employers to better evaluate what corporate wellness vendors employers should work with, and which ones have the most sustainable wellness programs and best practices in place.


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About Corporate Health and Wellness Association

The Corporate Health and Wellness Association (CHWA), also known as the Health and Wellness Association or the Corporate Wellness Association, is the national non-profit association focused on health, wellness, disease prevention and management for employers, employees and their families. We are the biggest influencer in Corporate Wellness in the US and Globally, touching over 1.5 million B2B Professionals. In the US, the Corporate Wellness Association is the largest influencer of HR and Insurance Executives reaching hundreds of thousands nationally. We manage over 20 of the largest groups of HR and Insurance Executives on LinkedIn and have over 600,000 members in our groups. We host over 100 webcasts, whitepapers, roadshows and events annually for Human Resource, Executives and Insurance Professionals. Our social media presence of over 1 million individuals is because of our unique thought leadership approach to the industry and is the reason for such high levels of engagement in our webcasts, whitepapers, roadshows and conferences. The Corporate Health and Wellness Association provides wellness training and certification programs for Employers, Insurance Companies and professionals both online through our learning management system and live at organizations’ on-site locations across the country, as well as at our annual conferences. The Corporate Health and Wellness Association provides certifications for Human Resources, as well as fitness and nutrition specialists.