Program Description


Are you passionate for sharing knowledge with future generations?

MVNU's Education Department has long been known for the quality of its education programs because of the unique opportunities for extensive hands-on field experience offered to students starting freshman year. This kind of experience will bulk up your résumé, allow you to make connections with local schools and educators, and help you feel comfortable and confident in the classroom as quickly as possible.

The Health & Physical Education program is a multi-age licensure program encompassing grades Prekindergarten through 12. Students in this program will have two advisors: one for their major and one for the Education program. They would graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education/Health Education degree and two Ohio teaching licenses – Health & Physical Education. MVNU’s program is one of the few in the state that offers dual licensure in these two programs.

About Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Founded in 1968, Mount Vernon Nazarene University, in Mount Vernon, Ohio is a co-educational liberal arts university with an intentionally Christian foundation and mission. From the very beginning, Mount Vernon Nazarene College has been alive with God-given possibility — this was a community who cared, loved, and served each other. With the help of the Church of the Nazarene and the local community, God’s hand was evident from the early days as MVNC was created, designed, and shaped into existence by a people committed to God. It is into this place that God placed a vision on the hearts of our founding faculty and staff to transform an ordinary farm into an extraordinary community of believers. That calling is still heard today. We’re still a part of this calling and this community — to “Shine Forth” in all we do.