*  perform complete fitness assessments
*  evaluate and interpret fitness assessment results to clients
*  prescribe exercise programs
*  train individuals one on one
*  promote worksite health
*  possibly lead group exercise classes
*  supervise and monitor members in the fitness center
*  develop home exercise programs for individuals
*  research questions and concerns related to health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, etc. of Verizon Wireless employees through use of internet, personal resources, library, etc.
*  help develop incentive programs for employees to join the center
*  develop incentive programs for members to increase their usage of the center
*  develop motivational programs
*  help clean and maintain the equipment
*  help schedule and organize seminars and workshops related to health and wellness
*  devise, organize, plan, implement and market one  special  project/program for employees
*  make members feel welcome, keep them motivated, encourage them
*  assure proper technique/form, etc.
*  understand confidentiality and record keeping procedures
*  know emergency procedures



Must be an undergraduate student in Exercise Science or similar degree who can earn credits/hours by completing internship.



How To Apply


Email resume to:

Bryan Murphy

Please mention that you heard about your internship opportunity through the National Internship Finder Service located at