Program Description


Rose State College offers an associate of science in health and sport science as well as three embedded certificate programs. To suit your interests and career goals, you can choose between three options of study;  Personal Training, Exercise Fitness Management, and Health, Physical Education and Recreation.


The Personal Training option prepares students to do one-on-one fitness programing. This option prepares students to take the National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Training exam and/or to transfer to a four-year institution to complete a baccalaureate degree upon completion of the associate in science degree.

The Exercise/Fitness Management Option provides students with the necessary foundation to transfer to a related baccalaureate degree program at a college or university. Students entering this field of study should be seeking a career in Health and Sports Sciences in a variety of environments such as corporate wellness, health/fitness clubs, education programs, and personal trainers.

The Health, Physical Education and Recreation options prepares students to transfer to a college or university baccalaureate program in a related field. This program will also help prepare the student for employment in a variety of areas including YMCA's, colleges and universities, recreational sports, aquatics, military programs and more.

  • Personal Training
  • Exercise Fitness Management
  • Health, Physical Education and Recreation

About Rose State College

Rose State College is a public, two-year institution with an "open-door" admissions policy. The school offered its first classes on September 21, 1970. Initially called Mid-Del Junior College, it was renamed Oscar Rose Junior College in memory of the Midwest City-Del City Superintendent of Schools. In April 1983, the name was officially changed to Rose State College. Today, Rose State welcomes more than 13,000 students each year and is dedicated to helping each and every student succeed.