Program Description


The physical activity and sport coaching major is designed to be inclusive for students who aspire to pursue physical activity and sports coaching careers at various levels. This major provides students with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities to fulfill their educational needs and interests in physical activity and sports coaching through quality academic coursework, student centered and experiential-based learning and faculty expertise. The physical activity and sport coaching major also provides students with the opportunity to engage in a professional internship related to their chosen physical activity and sport area. The coaching education minor is integrated into this major. After successfully completing the major requirements, students will be awarded the B.S.P.E degree (non-licensure).

About Ohio University

In 1803, Ohio became a state and on February 18, 1804, the Ohio General Assembly passed an act establishing "The Ohio University." The University opened in 1808 with one building, three students, and one professor, Jacob Lindley. One of the first two graduates of the University, Thomas Ewing, later became a United States senator and distinguished himself as cabinet member or advisor to four presidents. Twenty-four years after its founding, in 1828, Ohio University conferred an A.B. degree on John Newton Templeton, its first black graduate and only the third black man to graduate from a college in the United States. In 1873, Margaret Boyd received her B.A. degree and became the first woman to graduate from the University. Soon after, the institution graduated its first international alumnus, Saki Taro Murayama of Japan, in 1895.