Program Description


The Teacher Education program prepares candidates for certification in grades K-12. The Secondary Education program requires 28 credits of Education course work in professional foundations and studies and 13 credits during internship. Students apply for admission to the program after successfully completing nine credits of Education course work in professional foundations. During the course of the studies, candidates may be asked to reapply to the program if their GPA falls below 3.0 in general course work and 3.0 in their selected content area(s) of endorsement such as biology, chemistry, communication arts, earth science, English, math, natural sciences, physical education/health, psychology, or social studies. There are separate degree requirements for each major and minor endorsement area.

Teaching endorsement areas are attached to a Standard Instructional Certificate (grades K-12), according to Idaho Teacher Certification standards. All endorsements require a minimum of 30 semester credits for a teaching field major and 20 semester credits for a teaching minor. For a single teaching field major, a minimum of 45 semester credits is required. The following LCSC areas are approved for teaching field majors: Biology, Chemistry, Communication Arts, Earth Science, English; Kinesiology-Physical Education K-12 and Health 6-12; Mathematics; Natural Sciences; Psychology; and Social Science with a History emphasis (see degree requirements for each major). Teacher candidates must successfully pass the related Praxis II exam in their teaching content area(s).

For marketability purposes, students are encouraged to pursue endorsements and minors in a second teaching field; consult with an advisor for the proper procedure. Secondary Education majors must have a content area advisor and a Secondary Education advisor.

Graduates from other colleges or universities seeking secondary teacher certification must fulfill all Secondary Education professional course work requirements in addition to meeting all academic major or minor teaching field requirements for subject area endorsement.

Students in the Teacher Education Certification program are expected to provide evidence through performance that they have become dedicated and knowledgeable professionals, content specialists, competent educational designers, capable educational facilitators, insightful educational evaluators, reflective professionals, and culturally responsive professionals before being recommended for teacher certification.

About Lewis-Clark State College

Lewis-Clark State College is located at Lewiston, Idaho, where two rivers (Clearwater and Snake), two cities (Lewiston and Clarkston), and two states (Idaho and Washington) come together. It is also where two peoples and two cultures came together in friendship and discovery – the Nez Perce Tribe and the Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery. Founded in 1893, Lewis-Clark State is a public undergraduate college with a three-part mission of academic programs, career & technical education programs, and community programs. One of the top public comprehensive four-year colleges in the West, with its beautiful campus, small classes, and superb faculty, LCSC is often described as a public institution with the feel and quality of a private college.