Program Description


The Health and Exercise Science MS program, revised in 2014, now has two tracks; research and clinical. The program of study differs by track, and both tracks are detailed below. In your application, you must state your choice of the research or clinical track track, but you must note that decisions regarding admission to the MS program AND the specific track are made by the departmental admissions committee.

The Master of Science Research Track in Health and Exercise Science offers students a health-oriented, science-based curriculum and research experience. The program is a scientifically rigorous, research focused program that prepares students for further education and/or careers in health and exercise science related fields. The program is structured to prepare students for further education that includes doctoral study, physical and occupational therapy, and medicine (e.g. physicians/physician assistant and nursing). Graduates are represented by careers in: health related research and development and medical and allied health professions. Most students are supported during their graduate study by graduate teaching assistantships (GTA). Faculty members work closely with students for academic, professional and personal advising. On-site research facilities are state-of-the-art and include the Human Performance Clinical/Research Laboratory. The Plan A program offers the possibility of a direct, continuous-enrollment admit to the PhD program. By this plan the master’s student must complete a distinct research project, with hopeful submission for publication, prior to beginning the PhD program. Prospective applicants to the research track must establish contact with a prospective thesis mentor before applying; no research track admissions will be made without a designated mentor in place.

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