About Us

Once considered a "fad", fitness and overall wellness is now a life-long goal for many. The health and fitness industry has evolved from the musty smelling gymnasiums of the past to the modern, innovative and state-of-the-art facilities of the present. The old exercise bikes and stretch bars of the past have been replaced by the highly interactive and personalized machinery of today.

The health and fitness profession has become increasingly more competitive as health has gained more publicity and social attention. The education requirements have also increased for the health and fitness professional.

Professionals today must be college educated, maintain appropriate certifications, and have vast experience and expertise in the field, as compared to our fitness forefathers. Professionals must also continue their education by earning advanced degrees and obtaining continuing education credits to maintain their certifications.

Our goal in developing Premier Health and Fitness Resources was to offer the health and fitness professional a “one-stop-shop” of quality resources.

We would like to thank you for making Premier Health and Fitness Resources the central website for health and fitness professionals. Good luck as you begin or continue your career in this ever-expanding

Steve Holt
President & Co-Founder
Premier Health & Fitness Resources